North Carolina failed Ruby: 15,000 others still wait

Woman’s death highlights Innovations Waiver waitlist crisis Reposted from: by Jill Sirko Ruby Loftin (Courtesy Photo: Disability Rights NC)A short video of Ruby and her mother, Carrie. Continue reading


I am a parent of a 5 year old son who is non verbal autistic.  Our son, Austin has been on the waitlist for the Innovations Waiver for 18 months and have been told he will probably be waiting another 10 years.  We live in Rockingham County. During the Covid pandemic his school program is ALL virtual... my heart is absolutely broken.  Austin will miss therapies because he refuses to do virtual and our health insurance charges $100 for 30 mins a week for speech and naturally we can’t afford that. Continue reading

Veronica and Madison share their video story

Veronica and Madison share their video story of waiting for the Innovations Waiver in North Carolina.   Continue reading


Our son, Garrett West, Autistic, (22) has been on the Registry of Unmet needs since April 2008. Continue reading


We were fortunate to receive the Innovations Waiver when Holden was 3 years old. At the time, we lived in Yadkinville, NC. This program has been so helpful in many ways for our family and especially for Holden.  Continue reading


I live in Catawba County. My son is not on the list for the Innovations Waiver. I need to do it. Not sure how to get started. Continue reading


Madison will be exiting the public school system in June of 2020. She has been on the Innovations Waiver wait list for 5 1/2 years. I plan to enroll Madison in a day program but I will have to pay out of pocket since she does not have the Waiver. One of the programs I am looking at costs $84 per day.  Continue reading


We moved to NC in August 2016. We moved to Chapel Hill because my husband started a job as an assistant professor at UNC.  We lived before north of Boston and had a waiver through MA that we got immediately after we moved.  Continue reading

Not all stories are happy writes about those with disabilities waiting for services and their funding being cut. This is unjust and advocates must take a stand. Read full article: Continue reading


Ashlyn   was born with Down Syndrome. A senior at Carter High School in Winston-Salem, she currently stays at Imprints Cares before and after school. Ashlyn works part-time at Moji Coffee and loves her job! She also works at a daycare through Carter High School two days a week for a few hours. Ashlyn has been on the Innovation Waiver list since 2006 at Center Point Human Services which is now Cardinal Innovations. Per Cardinal Innovations, she is in the top 10% for receiving the Innovation Waiver but may continue to be on that list for years due to the number of slots available each year (none currently provided to Forsyth County). My husband and I do not have family in this area, and therefore need services for Ashlyn so that we can continue to work. Ashlyn plans to continue to work at Moji and apply for another part-time job, as well as attend a Day Program part time. Ashlyn has ADHS and anxiety.  She also has aids for her hearing loss. We desperately need transportation services to/from work or a day program and daily support until her until her father or I get off work.