Our Vision - Going Forward

Our Vision - Going Forward


We hope to better understand our dilemma. We hope to share what we know and learn. We advocate for everyone with disabilities. We initiate change at every opportunity.

In the meantime, we all can be better telling our stories. We will be offering networking opportunities, advocacy training, and eventually a plan to begin our work with DHHS, the Legislature, and our local communities. This is not a short term project, as we have much to learn, share and shout. Your voice, growing more forceful with ours, is the key.

As we launch this initiative, we are in conversation with key advocacy agencies across the state. We will partner with their efforts at expanding the I/DD legislative Caucus and increase our storytelling. Our hope is to spread our stories, editorials, and solutions across the state through everyone's social media, our MCO's and this network.  

We know there are other states whose initiatives have gathered success. We will learn from them as we grow our network. Your help as volunteers is critical as you bring diverse perspectives from your interactions with various Managed Care Organizations, the Department of Health and Human Services, community agencies, and others who share our passion. Please help us grow the platform of advocacy with you stories and ideas. Support us; Contact Us TODAY!