Summer Call to Action

First, we celebrate those heroes and agencies who remain able, working from home and working from their hearts, to sustain their commitment to our disability communities and their care providers.  

Our work as an action team is ahead of us.  The “TOO LONG TO WAIT” march to Raleigh has just taken on a new dimension.  As the state reserves evaporate addressing virus challenges, we know our wait will be longer and our work and lives will be harder.  This fall’s election and next Spring-Summer-Fall’s North Carolina legislative session will be critical if we want our long term message on the minds of those we elect.

To that end, we are calling on each of you to engage this election as if your life and loved ones depend on it.  (It does!) Find the NC legislator whom you can embrace – in the long term – who will support the need for waiver discussion and action.  Support them in a way they will remember you.  Our work must continue.

To help with telling our stories – wrapped in the blanket of medical and economic Covid-19 realities - we are calling on you to add to our family stories.  We want them to dot the state throughout 2021 as reminders that “Too Long To Wait”, has gotten longer!

CALL TO ACTION:  (First – VOTE!  We encourage people to secure absentee ballots, just in case)

  1. Send us your written stories and photos to publish.  
  2. Let us know if we can help you capture video images to edit and share.  
  3. Tell us about your letters and conversations with legislative candidates and ways we can build synergy and track with advocacy groups you respect and support.   
  4. Please encourage everyone to register on this website


“In Case You Missed It!”

Last month was National Disability Voter Registration Week (July 13-17).  The website offers many ways to engage, REV UP as their call to action:  Register, Educate, Vote,   Use (your) Power.

Please visit their website as a resource for your own local call to action with targeted sections on social media flyers, op ed writing, and a great toolkit for engagement.  AAPD (American Association of People with Disabilities) are “ Conveners, Connectors, and Catalysts. “

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