sample letters

Dear Candidate ____(1)

As a concerned voter I have never felt the urgency  that I feel for this election.  We have seen our country cry out for serious, bi-partisan leadership.  My hope in voting for you this year is that reason, grace and thoughtful stewardship will be your guiding mantra.  

As a parent of a child with an intellectual/developmental disability, I am caught between the selfish needs of our son/daughter and the larger country in crisis.  Central to this span of concern, are the many caregivers impacted by chronic neglect.  

How could you support your family on minimum wage as a caregiver if those with whom you are paid to care for cannot have you in their home for fear of the virus?  I’ve watched with great interest as these essential services were largely sidelined for larger corporate and business relief.  Someday, you and I will need similar services.  What will your expectations be?

Our son/daughter has waited on the North Carolina Registry of Unmet Needs for ___ years.  She /he is among 14,000 in North Carolina who see the most developmental years in their life slipping away. He/she requires special training and a caring countenance not easily found among minimum wage employees.  Sadly, a living wage is barely available for most of these caregivers.

 There are many in our county and state who have waited more than 15 years as the legislature knowingly deferred discussion, let alone action.  I need the assurance that while you cannot immediately change the racial climate, save the planet or restore the evaporated state reserves – that you will keep the Registry on your mind next year after we elect you.  It needs to be on the legislative table next spring, and the next, until it is resolved.  It is a pandemic of historic neglect.  It has been TOO LONG TO WAIT! for this essential service for which he/she qualifies.  And, we will be in touch.

Thank you for your willingness to lead and serve and invest in these troubled times.  Please feel free to contact me to hear our family story.  


Dear Candidate ____ (2)

We in North Carolina are facing a pandemic of neglect.  For over a decade the legislature, led by both parties, have kicked a costly can down the road.  I’m speaking about the Registry of Unmet Needs, the Medicaid matched resource for home and community based services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).  

14,000 people now wait on this embarrassing North Carolina list. Nearly half have been there for a decade while their most developmental years slip by.  Some, due to arcane state formula and population densities, have been waiting for 17 and 18 years.  All this, as the political football is kicked back and forth like a negotiating ploy each year.

We need this issue on the General Assembly agenda now!  It has been TOO LONG TO WAIT!  

Did the virus disrupt our state reserves?  Yes!  Do health care, climate change and racial healing need your attention if elected, of course.  But my son/daughter’s pandemic for a meaningful, productive life with dignity are at stake.  He/She has waited unreasonably long.

If you want to know the impact of no services for her/him, the family financial impact, or the absence of caregivers for his/her disability, please call me at _____ .  I cast my vote every year!


Dear candidate ____(3)

I understand that letters to candidates are generally tabulated, not read.  If this is being tabulated – check:   Too Long to Wait! Innovations Wavier Action Now!

If you prefer and it is easier for you, please have a staff member call me at _________ and ask these questions:

  1. What is the NC Registry for Unmet Needs?
  2. Why are 14,000 citizens on this wait list so frustrated, confused and angry?
  3. What is the long term impact for the NC economy for persons with a developmental disability waiting 15-20 or more years?
  4. What can a legislator do today to reverse this pandemic of neglect?
  5. How does a family manage if their county has not received a waiver in 5 years and can offer

no reasonable hope in their child’s lifetime?

  1. How important is my vote to me and do I have friends who feel the same?



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