March (Legislative) Madness: Let the Games Begin

The Winston-Salem Journal ran, with color and “above the fold” a March 29, 2021 front page article about the newest legislative attempt to get additional funds approved for the Registry of Unmet Needs.  Senator Joyce Krawiec’s (R-Forsyth County) Senate Bill 350 proposes 1000 new slots, divided and dispersed in creative ways to address several of the complicated solutions to our I/DD dilemma, including a ten-year state plan.  Congratulations to her and author Richard Craver for detailing the saga that has plagued us for well over a decade, across warring legislatures of both parties.  

It’s a start.  A tiny start.  But it gives the House of Representatives a place to begin its 2021 work for a counter proposal, due in May.  And, it gives you time to weigh-in.  Below, please find key leaders in your state legislature to enjoin in conversation.  It is a $37.5 million starter, matched with $75 million in federal dollars.  Don’t be alarmed, NC has that kind of undesignated money, and more.  

Senator Krawiec has joined the I/DD caucus as its chair and our waiver action team has been invited to participate as stakeholders in the state-wide, three year Registry discussion and recommendation process under the North Carolina Council for Developmental Disabilities.  Both venues may well speed up the Division of Health and Human Services, charged with the ten year plan offered by the Krawiec legislation.  

Please contact your state senators and house members by phone, letter, email, or coffee invitation.  Be part of their discussions, town halls, and behind the scenes negotiating.  The timing couldn’t be more important.

Will 1000 slots help?  Sure.  Will it start something meaningful?  Maybe.  Will it address all those who have waited 13 -15 years?  Absolutely…. in another 5 or 10 years!!  This is “2long2wait!”  Engage NOW!

Appropriations for Health and Human Services - Senate Standing Committee:
List of House Members (includes party, county, contact information):
Current Members of the IDD Caucus of the NC General Assembly:
NC House
Representative Gale Adcock
Representative Zack Hawkins, chair
Representative Pat Hurley
Representative Verla Insko
Representative Tim Moffitt
Representative Kristin Baker
Representative John Bradford, chair
NC Senate
Senator Jim Burgin, chair
Senator Sarah Crawford
Senator Joyce Krawiec, chair
Senator Jim Perry
Senator Michael Lee

Always Vital:  Sen. Phil Berger (R-Rockingham), Rep. Tim Moore (R-Cleveland)

NC Waiver Action Team

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