Who We Are

The Triad I/DD Advisory has taken on the Registry of Unmet Needs for the Innovation Waiver as our singular project! 

Forsyth County has 755 on our “wait list” and has received no new Innovation Waivers in four years. The average Innovations Waiver wait time for North Carolina is 9.5 years, which means a for our new registrants it will be more than twenty years. We feel it is unconscionable, developmentally unreasonable, and financially unsound. It also stands firmly against an evidence-base which demonstrates that early intervention results in long-term cost saving and improved quality of life.

Our Advisory (Partners Catchment) is a group of parents and providers who have advised LME/MCO leadership for nearly 40 years. We consider ourselves advocates for the advocates, whether self-advocates, caregivers, siblings or neighbors.

We have a proud history of collaboration in the community, having designed and launched Beyond Academics with CenterPoint Human Services and the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. We supported retirement programs for elderly members with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and innovative transportation concepts. Further, we provide grants to local disability non-profits in the community.

It's now time to collaborate across the state.  Our goal is to reach the 15,000 presently waiting, engage them and their advocates and help the General Assembly address the dramatic changes needed.

        Please join us in this state-wide push for equality in funding for community based services for people with I/DD so that they can lead full and meaningful lives.


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